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Deer-Resistant Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs

Butterfly weed
Butterfly weed, Asclepias tuberosa

Deer-resistant plants are plants deer tend to not eat. If deer are hungry enough they will eat practically any kind of plant.

This list includes annuals, perennials, and bulbs that deer have turned away from in many gardens; there is no guarantee they will not eat them in your garden.

As a general rule, deer are not interested in most native plants and plants that are strong smelling. Check at a nearby garden center for a list of plants that deer tend not to eat in your region.

Yarrow, Achillea
Botanical NameCommon NameZone
Achillea spp.Yarrow3-9
Aconitum spp.Monkshood3-8
Actaea spp.Baneberry4-9
Agave spp.Agaves9-11
Ageratum houstonianumFlossflower9-11
Allium spp.Flowering onion4-9
Aloe spp.Aloes9-12
Anemone spp.Windflowers5-9
Antirrhinum majusSnapdragon5-7
Aquilegia spp.Columbine4-9
Artemisia spp.Wormwood5-9
Asclepias tuberosaButterfly weed4-9
Astilbe spp.Astilbe4-8
False indigo, Baptisia australis
Botanical NameCommon NameZone
Baptisia spp.False indigo3-9
Boltonia asteroidesBoltonia4-8
Calendula officinalisPot marigold4-9
Centaurea spp.Knapweed4-9
Convallaria majalisLily-of-the-valley2-7
Coreopsis spp.Coreopsis4-9
Dahlia spp.Dahlias4-9
Datura spp.Thorn apple9-11
Digitalis spp.Foxglove4-10
Echinacea purpureaPurple cornflower4-9
Echinops spp.Globe thistle9-11
Eupatorium purpuremJoe-pye weed3-9
Euphorbia spp.Spurge6-9
Blanket flower, Gaillardia aristata
Botanical NameCommon NameZone
Gaillardia spp.Blanket flower2-10
Heliotropium arborescensHeliotrope10-11
Helleborus spp.Christmas rose3-9
Iris spp.Irises, all types3-10
Lantana spp. Lantana8-10
Lavandula spp.Lavender5-9
Leucanthemum x superbumShasta daisy4-9
Leucojum spp.Snowflake3-9
Lupinus spp.Lupine4-6
Bee balm, Monarda
Botanical NameCommon NameZone
Mentha spp.Mints4-10
Monarda didymaBee balm4-9
Myosotis spp.Forget-me-not3-8
Muscari spp.Grape hyacinth3-8
Narcissus spp.Daffodil and narcissus3-8
Nepeta spp.Catmint4-9
Oenothera spp.Evening primrose3-9
Paeonia spp.Peony2-8
Papaver spp.Poppies3-8
Perovskia atriplicifoliaRussian sage3-9
Phormium tenaxNew Zealand flax8-11
Potentilla spp.Cinquefoil2-7
Tansy, Tanacetum vulgare
Botanical NameCommon NameZone
Romneya coulteriMatilija poppy8-10
Stachyes byzantinaLamb’s ear4-8
Syringa spp.Lilac3-9
Tagetes spp.Marigold9-11
Tanacetum spp.Tansy, feverfew5-9
Yucca spp.Yuccas4-10
Zauschneria californicaHardy fuchsia8-11
Zinnia elegansZinnias4-11

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