How to Grow Trumpet Vine — Campsis

Campsis radicans

Trumpet vine produces orange or red flowers in summer. Each flower is 2-inches wide and trumpet-shaped; flowers are borne on pendulous, terminal clusters in summer. Leaves are pinnately compound with 7 to 11 leaflets.

Get to Know Trumpet Vine

  • Plant type: Deciduous summer-blooming vine
  • Growing Zones and range: 4-9
  • Hardiness: Half-hardy
  • Height and width: 20’- 40’ tall; aerial rootlets cling tightly to walls or supports.
  • Foliage: Green leaves are pinnately compound with 7 to 11 leaflets.
  • Flowers: Red or orange trumpet-shaped flowers in pendulous clusters
  • Bloom time: Summer
  • Uses: Covers large spaces quickly, attracts hummingbirds
  • Botanical name: Campsis radicans
  • Common name: Trumpet Vine

Where to Plant Trumpet Vine

  • Trumpet vine needs full sun for best flowering; the plant will tolerate light shade.
  • Grow trumpet vine in average to poor soil.
Trumpet vine, Campsis radicans

Trumpet vine, Campsis radicans

When to Plant Trumpet Vine

  • Set trumpet vine in the garden in spring or fall.

Planting and Spacing Trumpet Vine

  • Space trumpet vine 10 or more feet apart.
  • Provide trumpet vine with a heavy arbor or pergola.
  • Rootlets can be destructive to masonry and wood.

How to Water and Feed Trumpet Vine

  • Trumpet vine needs ample moisture. Mature plants are drought tolerant.
  • Trumpet vines need no extra fertilizer.

Trumpet Vine Care

  • Mulch around trumpet vine to prevent weeds.
  • Trumpet vine blooms on new wood; prune heavily each spring to achieve the best control.
  • Cut out suckers as they emerge.
  • Trumpet vine is bothered by few pests and diseases.

Trumpet Vine Propagation

  • Take cutting in sprig to layer.
  • Layer vines in fall or spring.

Trumpet Vine Varieties to Grow

  • Campsis grandiflora, Chinese trumpet creeper, grows in Zones 7-11. It is a less rampant grower.

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