How to Grow Society Garlic — Tulbaghia

Society garlic Thulbaghia

Society garlic, Tulbaghia, produces umbels of dainty, usually purple or white flowers, sometimes fragrant, especially at night. Flowers are tubular, each with 6 spreading petals and a small trumpet corona. Basal, strap-shaped leaves are gray-green and smell similar to onions or garlic.

Get to Know Society Garlic

  • Plant type: Perennial
  • Growing Zones and range: 8-11
  • Hardiness: Half-hardy
  • Height and width: 18”- 2’ tall, 6”- 10” wide
  • Foliage: Silver gray grassy leaves
  • Flowers: Clusters of lavender tubular blooms on long, slender, wiry stems
  • Bloom time: Early summer and continue blooming until fall
  • Uses: Rock gardens, front of mixed borders, containers
  • Botanical name: Tulbaghia
  • Common name: Society Garlic

Where to Plant Society Garlic

  • Plant society garlic in full sun to light shade.
  • Grow society garlic in average, moist, but well-drained soil.
Society garlic, Thulbaghia
Society garlic, Thulbaghia

When to Plant Society Garlic

  • Plant container grown society garlic in spring or fall.
  • Plant bulbs in spring.

Planting and Spacing Society Garlic

  • Space society garlic 10 to 12 inches apart.
  • Set bulb 1 to 2 inches deep.

How to Water and Feed Society Garlic

  • Society garlic needs moderate moisture; keep the soil just moist. Established plants will tolerate some drought.

Society Garlic Care

  • Society garlic is low maintenance.
  • Trim spent blooms to encourage new flowers.
  • Mulch society garlic in late autumn to protect plants from the winter cold.
  • Society garlic is bothered by few pests or diseases.

Society Garlic Propagation

  • Divide society garlic or sow seed in spring.

Society Garlic Varieties to Grow

  • ‘Silver Lace’ has white-striped leaves.


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