How to Grow Huernia

Huernia blossom
Huernia blossom

Huernia is a genus of dwarf succulents whose freely branches angled stems that are toothed or notched. Plants grow slowly to about 4 inches high in clusters.

Huernia bears tubular or cup-shaped to shallowly saucer-shaped , warty, fleshy flowers that are diversely colored–reddish, greenish-yellow, brownish, or purple; flowers are often colored, dotted, or striped. Flowers also can be foul-smelling.

Huernia is a genus of about 70 species of low-growing perennial succulents. Hernia are native from South Africa to Ethiopia.

Get to Know Huernia

  • Plant type: Succulent in the Milkweed Family
  • Hardiness temperature: 35℉ (1.7℃)
  • Shape and size: Large clumps of short, angled fleshy stens that are freely branched; leaves are scale-like
  • Flowers: Tubular or cup-shaped to shallow saucer-shaped, warty, fleshy, 5-pointed lobed flowers are borne on short-stalked umbles
  • Bloom time: Summer to early autumn
  • Common name: Hernia
  • Genus name: Huernia
  • Family name: Asclepiadaceae
  • Origin: South Africa to Ethiopia
Huernia schneideriana
Huernia schneideriana

Planting Huernia

  • Grow Huernia in bight filtered or indirect light.
  • Grow Huernia in standard cactus potting mix with added leaf mold.
  • Grow Huernia in poor to moderately fertile soil outdoors.

How to Water and Feed Huernia

  • Water Huernia moderatley during the growing season; keep Huernia almost dry in winter.
  • Apply a half-strength, low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer monthly during the growing season.

Huernia Care

  • Protect Huernia from excessive winter moisture.

Huernia Species to Grow

  • Huernia confusa (lifesaver plant). Species grows to 4 inches high; glossy, yellow and marron flower is star-shaped.
  • H. pillansii. Red-marked yellowish blossoms.
  • H. schneideriana. Velvet-like blossoms, brownish on the outside, black on the inside with a pink border.
  • H. zebrina (zebra flower, owl’s eyes). Short, 5-angled grayish greems stem with thick, conical teeth; bear yellow flowers tingled with red.

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