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How to Grow and Care for Eucharis — Amazon Lily

Amazon lily, Eucharis
Amazon Lily, Eucharis amazonica

Eucharis–commonly called Amazon lily–is a summer-flowering perennial bulb. It bears umbels of fragrant, daffodil-like white flowers. Each flower has 6 spreading tepals around in two rows, the outer ones longer and narrower than the inner one, and 6 stamens fused to form a cup.

Eucharis has long-stalked ovate or elliptic to lance-shaped glossy green basal leaves that are often wavy or folded.

Eucharis can be grown outdoors in tropical regions; place it in a bed or border in a dappled shade. It can be grown indoors in bright filtered light. Eucharis can be forced into bloom at any time of the year indoors (see below).

Eucharis is a genus of 17 species of evergreen bulbous perennials native to moist forest margins in tropical Central and South America.

Get to Know Eucharis

  • Plant type: Bulb
  • Growing zones and range: Zones 14-15
  • Hardiness: Tender
  • Height and width: 28 inches (70cm) tall, 6 inches (15cm) wide
  • Foliage: Ovate or elliptic to lance-shape, glossy, basal leaves often wavy, sometimes folded
  • Flowers: Umbels of daffodil-like white flowers; each flower has 6 spreading tepals
  • Bloom time: Late summer
  • Uses: Bed or border in tropical regions, houseplant
  • Common name: Amazon lily
  • Botanical name: Eucharis
  • Family name: Amaryllidaceae
  • Origin: Central and South America
Amazon lily flowers, Eucharis amazonica
Amazon lily flowers, Eucharis amazonica

Where to Plant Eucharis

  • Light outdoors: Outdoors grow Eucharis in dappled shade.
  • Light indoors: Grow Eucharis in bright filtered light indoors.
  • Soil outdoors: Grow outdoors in moderately fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soil.
  • Soil indoors: Grow Eucharis in soil-based potting soil with added sharp sand and leaf mold.

When to Plant Eucharis

  • Set Eucharis outdoors in spring.

Planting and Spacing Eucharis

  • Space Eucharis 6 inches (15cm) apart.

How to Water and Feed Eucharis

  • Water Eucharis freely when in active growth; water sparingly in winter.
  • Fertilize Eucharis with a balanced fertilizer monthly.

Eucharis Care

  • After the plant has bloomed reduce water until the foliage has died down.
  • Place the plant in a cool spot for several months to rest, and then start the process over again.

Growing Eucharis as a Houseplant

  • Grow Eucharis in a warm room where the humidity is high and the light is bright.
  • Pot Eucharis in a well-drained, coarse-growing medium so the tip of the bulb is just below the surface of the medium.
  • Water heavily until the foliage is fully grown, then withhold water until the leaves droop, and place the plant in a cool room for two to three weeks to induce flower buds. then return the plant to its normal growing conditions and resume heavy watering.
  • Fertilize monthly when the plant is growing.

Eucharis Pests and Disease

  • Eucharis can be attacked by mealybugs and scale insects.
  • Eucharis is susceptible to botrytis blight.

Eucharis Propagation

  • Propagate Eucharis by removing offset bulbs that form at the base of the plant or from seeds.

Eucharis Varieties to Grow

  • Eucharis amazonica. Grows to 28 inches tall; wavy, dark green leaves; umbels of pure white flowers with protruding stamens on a leafless stem.
  • E. grandiflora, Amazon lily. Grows 16 to 24 inches tall; broad, shiny leaves grow to 12 inches long; clusters have 3 to 6 fragrant 2- to 3-inch flaring white flowers; flowers can be forced any time of the year.

Eucharis Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I grow an Amazon lily indoors?

A: Amazon lily (Eucharis) needs average indoor warmth, not cooler than 60°F in winter. Place Amazon lily in bright light, not direct sun. Water the plant regularly from spring to autumn. Water moderately in winter. After each bloom, the plant should get a 4- to 5-week rest period with the soil somewhat dry.

Q: How should I plant Amazon lily bulbs?

A: Place each Amazon lily bulb in a 5-inch pot; use a well-drained potting mix. Place the bulb in a warm place, 70° to 75°F until buds appear. Water well after botting and fertilize the growing plant until blooms develop, then stop feeding.

Q: When does the Amazon lily bloom?

A: Amazon lily (Eucharis grandiflora) flowers in late summer and again a few months later if the conditions are right. Each bloom looks like a spiky trumpet. There are usually 3 to 6 blooms on each 2-foot stalk.

Q: How do I propagate Amazon lily?

A: Detach offsets from mature Amazon lily plants in summer.


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