How to Grow Burro’s Tail – Sedum

Burro's Tail Sedum

Burro’s tail, Sedum, is an evergreen succulent with small pointed leaves that trail. Grow burro’s tail in containers or hanging baskets where the blue-green stems can cascade.

Get to Know Burro’s Tail

  • Plant type: Succulent evergreen perennial
  • Growing Zones and range: 10-11
  • Hardiness: Tender
  • Temperature: Average room temperature
  • Light: High light with some direct sun
  • Height and width: Stems trail to 3 feet long
  • Foliage: Succulent, grayish blue-green, 1-inch (2.5cm) pointed leaves densely strung on hanging stems to 3 feet long
  • Flowers: Coral to red flowers occasionally
  • Uses: Houseplant, container plant
  • Common name: Burro’s tail, donkey tail
  • Botanical name: Sedum morganianum
  • Family: Crassulaceae

Where to Plant Burro’s Tail

  • Grow burro’s tail in high light with some direct sun.
  • Plant burro’s tail in all-purpose mix with sand added for better drainage.
Sedum morganianum, Burro's Tail
Sedum morganianum, Burro’s Tail

How to Water and Feed Burro’s Tail

  • Keep the soil moderately moist and spring to tall; in winter, water only to prevent shriveling.
  • Fertilize burro’s tail three times a year: in early spring, late spring, and late summer.

Burro’s Tail Care

  • Repot only when absolutely necessary since the leaves break easily when the plant is handled.

Burro’s Tail Common Problems

  • Roots rot if you provide too much water; otherwise, these plants are mostly trouble free.

Burro’s Tail Propagation

  • Tip or leaf cuttings root easily in damp soil.
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