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Evergreen Trees for Privacy Planting

Leyland Cypress trees in a row
Leyland Cypress trees in a row

Evergreens are plants that hold their foliage from season to season. Evergreen trees are well-suited as privacy plants. They create year-round living walls that can shield a garden or property from outside view.

Evergreens can be divided into two classes: conifers or narrow-leaved evergreens and broad-leaved evergreens. Both conifers and broad-leaved evergreen trees can vary in height and width and in color–from light green to deep green, some can are even silver-colored and some bronze.

How to Choose an Evergreen Tree for Privacy Planting

Evergreen trees will maintain their foliage throughout the year; still, there are several considerations when choosing an evergreen for privacy planting. Consider the following: (1) will it grow and thrive in your region or growing zone; (2) how tall and wide will the tree be when it matures; (3) how quickly does it grow; (4) what is the color of the foliage and does it flower.

American arborvitae, Thuja occidentalis
American arborvitae, Thuja occidentalis

Evergreen Trees for Privacy Planting

A-F Common NameBotanical NameZonesGrowth rate
Arborvitae, AmericanThuja occidentalis3-7Moderate
Cedar, blue atlasCedrus libani ‘Glauca’6-9Slow
Cedar, deodarCedrus deodara6-9Moderate
Cedar, eastern redJuniperus virginana3-9Moderate
Cypress, ArizonaCupressus arizonica7-9Rapid
Cypress, LeylandxCupressocyparis leylandii6-9Rapid
Fir, bristleconeAbies bracteata7-8Slow
Fir, DouglasPseudotsuga menziesii4-6Moderate
Fir, FrasierAbies fraseri4-7Slow
Fir, whiteAbies concolor3-7Moderate
Skyrocket Junipers
Skyrocket Junipers
H-J Common NameBotanical NameZonesGrowth rate
Hemlock, CanadaTsuga canadensis3-7Moderate
Holly, blueIlex x meserveae5-8Slow
Holly, lusterleafIlex latifolia7-9Slow
Holly, SavannahIlex xattenuata ‘Savannah’5-9Slow
Holly, YauponIlex vomitoria7-10Rapid
Incense cedar, CaliforniaCalocedrus decurrens4-8Moderate
Juniper, HollywoodJuniperus chinensis ‘Torulosa’4-9Moderate
Juniper, skyrocketJuniperous scopulorun ‘Skyrocket’4-8Moderate
Japanese black pines
Japanese black pines
M-Z Common NameBotanical NameZonesGrowth rate
Magnolia, southernMagnolia grandiflora6-10Slow
Magnolia, sweet bayMagnolia virginiana5-9Moderate
Myrtle, Pacific waxMyrica cerifera7-9Rapid
Pine, eastern whitePinus strobus3-8Rapid
Pine, Japanese blackPinus thunbergii5-7Moderate
Spruce, Colorado bluePicea pungens glauca2-7Slow
Spruce, NorwayPicea abies2-7Moderate
Spruce, SerbianPicea omorika4-7Slow
Spruce, whitePicea glauca2-6Moderate
Yew, Japanese uprightTaxus cuspidata ‘Capitata’4-7Slow

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