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Climbers for Clay Soil


There are climbing plants that can tolerate and grow in clay soil.

Growing plants in clay soil is a challenge. Clay soil is slow to drain and dense. That makes it hard for plant roots to grow.

Choosing plants that can tolerate clay soil is one way to work around the clay soil challenge. Some plants are native to regions where clay soil predominates; they have an advantage over other plants.

Amending the soil with organic matter such as aged compost and manure is a good way to gain an upper hand on clay soil. Spread organic matter across planting beds at least twice a year.

When setting new plants into clay soil, dig a hole twice as wide and deep as the plant’s rootball and mix organic matter with the native soil as you backfill at planting time.

Here’s a list of climbing plants that will grow in clay soil.

Climbing hydrangea

Climbing Plants that Tolerate Clay Soil

A-H Common NameBotanical NameZones
AkebiaAkebia quinata4-8
BittersweetCelastrus scandens4-8
Boston IvyParthenocissus tricuspidata4-9
ClematisClematis spp.3-9
Climbing HydrangeaHydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris4-8
Crimson Glory VineVitis coignetiae6-9
Dutchman’s PipeAristolochia macrophylla4-8
Euonymus VineEuonymus fortunei ‘Silver Queen’4-9
Five-Flavor BerrySchisandra chinensis4-7
Golden Hop VineHumulus lupulus ‘Aureus’5-10
GrapeVitis vinifera7-10
Blooming wisteria
L-Z Common NameBotanical NameZones
Hop VineHumulus lupulus5-10
HoneysuckleLonicera (some spp.)4-9
IvyHedera spp.6-10
Kiftsgate RoseRose filipes4-9
Passionflower VinePassiflora spp.6-9
Silk Tassel BushGarrya elliptica7-10
Sweet PeaLathyrus latifolius5-9
Trumpet CreeperCampsis spp.5-9
Trumpet VineDistictus spp.4-8
WisteriaWisteria spp.4-9

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